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Subject: [Amps] Centurion
From: "Henry Pfizenmayer" <>
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2005 23:27:48 -0700
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Centurion Gurus -

Started to set the Centurion up on 10 today ( was fine on 80 cw at 2:30 am
Sat morning ) - but when I  turned it on - before applying RF drive I heard
a small pop - but applied the Orion tune level power about 20 watts and it
tuned normally about 400 watts out into dummy load thru the 238 tuner in
bypass. . Turned off the Orion and noticed the following on the Centurion -
(key up - Orion off )

Resting plate current at first division - about 70 ma.
Plate voltage only 2000 volts and transformer hum sounds like the supply is
loaded heavily but showing only the 70 ma on the plate meter.
No grid current
No fwd/reflected power
No difference in standby or operate
No difference QSK or PTT /VOX

 Another blown bias transistor ??? Anybody care to venture whats gone now ?

 Too late to call TT when it happened.

 Rgds-- Hank K7HP

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