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[Amps] Seeking small air variables...

Subject: [Amps] Seeking small air variables...
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Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2005 23:57:00 GMT
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  ... for a 200 watt FET amp. autotuning experiment.

Anybody have or know where to come by a couple small air variables?

  Say 500-1000pF max. with a 20 thousandth's air gap

  and 1000-1500pF max. with a 10 thousandth's air gap  -- This might possibly 
be a multi-section receiving type.

The overall "height" including open plates & frame must be less than 2.5" to 
fit the available space. -- The other dimensions are not critical.

  Where is the Radio Condenser Corp. when we need them?  (rhetorical)

73 & Good afternoon,
   Marv WC6W


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