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Subject: Re: [Amps] Emailing: hf_millinium
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 12:10:00 -0500
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Agreeing wholeheartedly with everyone, I see many here who revel
in amplifiers with analogue meters that display a dip or peak as 
a motion-trend, and tuning is a function of watching this movement.

Bar graphs are high-tech looking, but they operate at distinct
threshold levels where the spots in between the individual devices
might be just as important, plus there's a delay.

Add to this the phenomenon I observed where a bar graph display
had erroneous illuminations because of RF feedback caused by
the very tuning process they were indicating.

If I'm tweaking a tetrode amplifier the screen current, plate current
and any grid current movements are a vital point that may just prevent
the amp from going off into oscillation, despite a neutralization

I don't think we're going to see a quality box for $3K anymore.

Even surplus junkbox amps that are LL approach this figure
when all the bits are taken into account, much less the tranny,
tube(s) and socket(s).


> I agree with Vic. I can also add that I'm still not impressed with 
> the LED
> readouts. Guess I'm too old fashion being partial to analog meters. 
> The temp
> is a nice thing to display on front panel.
> Regards,
> Larry N5BIP
> > Check this baby out.
> > Shortcut to:
> It's very attractive.  But it's a manually tuned and bandswitched 
> amplifier for about $4K.  Why do we need another one?
> I would like to see a completely automatic unit for no more than 
> $3K. 
> This almost certainly means that it would have to be solid state. 
> Apparently it's challenging to produce a 1.5KW solid state amplifier 
> for 
> the amateur market which is reliable and clean, but this is the 
> direction in which we need to be looking.
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