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Subject: [Amps] RE : Emailing: hf_millinium
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Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 17:02:36 -0000
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I visited DanAmps this summer, while I was shopping for an amp. At that
point in time oz0j sounded more like they given it up.

Unless they do like acom and om-power has done and start manufacureing 
in eastern europe, the only chance of seeing a millenium on your desk is

probably if they start selling it as a kit.

Tim, OZ4GA
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So nothing has changed........since 
I visited Kopenhage several times in the early fifties ( Lange linie
kade ).
At that time ( half a centyry ago ) " Carlsberg " and " Tuborg " were
yet to expensive !!!!
Now I dont need anymore beer, but a well build Amp...., its still to
Something tells me look eastwards, and soon we'll drink " Carlsberg ,
Tuborg " and even "  Belgian white Hoegaarde " made in China. 
Guess I'll vist TIVOLI first anyway.

Jos ON4KJ  ( OR5G in contest with club call )

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