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[Amps] ?Bargain? Transformer Connections

Subject: [Amps] ?Bargain? Transformer Connections
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 16:04:38 EST
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Hi Ampers,

I'm hoping there is a transformer guru out there who can help me figure out 
how to use a transformer I bought on E-you-know-what.  It was billed as a 220 V 
primary, 1160 V @2.65 A secondary power transformer, and I am hoping to use 
it in a voltage doubler to get about 3000+ VDC for 3-500's or similar.  
However, I can't figure out the connections.  The leads are marked as follows:

       (1)              (2)              (3)              (4)               
(5)              (6)                    (7)               (8)
       50 Hz         60 Hz         (Blank)        170 V         185 V         
 200 V (N/C)       215 V         230 V

                                                             50 Hz         60 
Hz          1160 V
(B)              (C)

The numbers and letters in parentheses don't appear on the terminal board, 
but I identified them here so I could report the DC resistances (and N/C means 
there is no wire connected to that terminal), which are as follows:

1 to 2:  0.3 Ohms
1 to 8:  0.75 Ohms
2 to 8:  0.6 Ohms
3 to 8:  0.6 Ohms
4 to 8:  0.55 Ohms
5 to 8:  0.5 Ohms
6 to 8:  open circuit
7 to 8:  0.3 Ohms

A to B:  1.1 Ohms
A to C:  9.2 Ohms
B to C:  8.4 Ohms

The transformer is identified as a Type HMB-120-4A, Mfg # KD-14634, Lamp 
(blank), Input 200 V, Output 1160 V 2.65 A, Mfg Date 4-01, ORC Manufacturing 
Company Ltd.

The only info I can get off the internet is that ORC Manufacturing Company 
Ltd makes large scale systems for IC chip manufacturing and such, apparently 
using a photoelectric process.

Any ideas as to how to hook this beast up?  It's brand new, beautifully 
constructed, potted and everything, but am I out of luck in using it for an amp?

Thanks for any help you can give!

Lee, KI7UR
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