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Re: [Amps] ?Bargain? Transformer Connections

Subject: Re: [Amps] ?Bargain? Transformer Connections
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 16:58:53 EST
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Terminals A-C are clearly the secondary connections. I trick to help sort  
out the primary connections is to apply 120vac to the secondary and start  
measuring voltages on the primary connections. Once you have fully identified  
hopefully are a pair of 120vac primary windings (with taps) you can develop  
a schematic of the transformer. You can determine phasing of the primary by  
connecting the two windings in series. When in phase, the voltage will be two  
times. When out of phase voltage will be near zero.
Since the secondary is rated for 1160vac, you would expect to see about  
12vac on the primary connections during the above testing. With the primary  
windings in phase connected the voltage will be about 24vac.
Hope this helps.
In a message dated 12/27/2005 3:05:24 P.M. Central Standard Time, writes:

Hi  Ampers,

I'm hoping there is a transformer guru out there who can help  me figure out 
how to use a transformer I bought on E-you-know-what.   It was billed as a 
220 V 
primary, 1160 V @2.65 A secondary power  transformer, and I am hoping to use 
it in a voltage doubler to get about  3000+ VDC for 3-500's or similar.  
However, I can't figure out the  connections.  The leads are marked as 

(1)              (2)   (3)         (4)                
(5)              (6)     (7)     (8)
50  Hz         60 Hz          (Blank)        170 V         185  V         
200 V (N/C)        215 V         230  V

50 Hz     60 
Hz          1160  V
(B)         (C)

The numbers and letters in parentheses  don't appear on the terminal board, 
but I identified them here so I could  report the DC resistances (and N/C 
there is no wire connected to  that terminal), which are as follows:

1 to 2:  0.3 Ohms
1 to  8:  0.75 Ohms
2 to 8:  0.6 Ohms
3 to 8:  0.6 Ohms
4 to  8:  0.55 Ohms
5 to 8:  0.5 Ohms
6 to 8:  open  circuit
7 to 8:  0.3 Ohms

A to B:  1.1 Ohms
A to  C:  9.2 Ohms
B to C:  8.4 Ohms

The transformer is  identified as a Type HMB-120-4A, Mfg # KD-14634, Lamp 
(blank), Input 200  V, Output 1160 V 2.65 A, Mfg Date 4-01, ORC Manufacturing 
Company  Ltd.

The only info I can get off the internet is that ORC Manufacturing  Company 
Ltd makes large scale systems for IC chip manufacturing and such,  apparently 
using a photoelectric process.

Any ideas as to how to  hook this beast up?  It's brand new, beautifully 
constructed, potted  and everything, but am I out of luck in using it for an 

Thanks for  any help you can give!

Lee,  KI7UR
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