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To: Bill Turner <>
Subject: Re: [Amps] Moderation
From: R L Measures <>
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2006 06:02:02 -0700
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On Jun 4, 2006, at 2:21 AM, Bill Turner wrote:

> And a good place to go would be the rfamplifiers groupo on Yahoo.
> Moderation there is very, well... moderate.

I got a solicitation to join a Yahoo discussion group on RF  
amplifiers, but when I learned that they had a moderator, I chose not  
   In my experiences, there are few moderators who do not eventually  
succumb to lust for dominion.  Paul Hellenberg (?) was a past  
moderator on AMPS who didn't.
  Historian John E. E. Acton was apparently right about the effect of  
power on those who possess it.  In all of recorded history, I know of  
only two dudes who were not eventually seduced by power:  Roman  
General Cincinatus and u. S. Army General George Washington.

On Usenet, moderated Newsgroups are about as dry as last Saturday's  
burned toast.  Unmoderated Newsgroups have the disadvantage of  
sometimes getting wild and wooly, but they are never snoresville for  
more than a few hours, and one does not have to worry about offending  
the moderator's drinkin' buds.

> 73, Bill W6WRT
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> At 11:55 PM 6/3/2006, Steve Thompson wrote:
>> Someone provides the facility of this list to us free of charge.  
>> In my
>> view, that gives them the right to control it in any way they see  
>> fit.
>> If I, or any of you, disapprove we're free to unsubscribe and  
>> start our
>> own list somewhere else.
>> Steve
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