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Dear David,

The coolest thing about Deerfield was that all the high-tech types from 
the Silicone-Valley around Boston, and all the nerds from the military bases
would shlep up all their plunder.

When they shut down the New Boston satellite tracking station and scrapped
most of the RF and telephone hardware I believe several metric tons of
gear made it to the next hamfest.

I seem to remember one Tech from Concord who had a TWT sitting in his
shack and was trying to light it up.

A few of us would arrive early Friday morning; we brought a small travel
trailer and some tables and some awnings, with coolers full of 807's.


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I used to go to Deerfield in the early 80's too and got some good treasures.
I lived in Connecticut at the time.  Even when I lived in New Jersey in the
early 90's, I got good things at hamfests.  But in the late 90's and early
00's here in Florida there is nothing to be had at hamfests if you are
builder or boat anchor kind of a ham.  If you are looking for laser
flashlights or ridiculously priced coax connectors, you are in luck.

The last thing of any value I got at a hamfest was 2 years ago when I got a
pristine HP 606B for $40.  I have picked up a tube here and there for my
tube caddy.  Considering the cost of driving to the hamfest and paying to
get in, I could have gotten them cheaper on eBay.


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Looking at the pictures of the amplifier and knowing
what goes on with some Dx-types you might be looking at
an actual bargain.

What with Mil-Surplus Russki HV doorknobs in the high-KVaR
department and an un-neutralized final, control boards without
nomenclature on components, etc., it might be a real boatanchor!

As for hamfests, you never know. When I started on a re-mod
of a brand-new Alpha 77Sx in the early '80's I went and sold a
mint SB-220 with all the latest mods for $400 at the Deerfield
hamfest in NH, just for some ready cash, and it took twenty
minutes to do so.

So there are treasures still to be found. If you don't go, you
can't discover.  Lastly, just going for the eyeball-QSO's with
people worked but hardly ever met was worth the gas.


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