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Re: [Amps] emtron dx-1??? for a couple hundred bucks?

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Subject: Re: [Amps] emtron dx-1??? for a couple hundred bucks?
From: (Jim Kearman)
Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2006 03:57:15 +0000
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From: "Harold  Mandel" <>
> After some telephone calls I decided to look a bit closer at the auction:
> All the feedback comments were just question marks.
> All the purchased items under the seller's feedback area
> were question marks.
> All the page counters were set at 0001 for each item.
> How does this happen in E-Bay?

You don't have Chinese character fonts installed in Windows? :) This was a 
Chinese scammer and the people who actually bought from him were in China, too. 
So the auction listings were in Chinese. The Emtron auctions were rigged to 
appear to come from the UK, but it clearly stated he was in China. That CBer 
got what he had coming to him, for wanting to run heat on 11 meters. 

Had he bought both of the guy's Emtron amplifiers, however, he would have 
gotten a free egg roll. 


Jim, KR1S
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