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Re: [Amps] teeny copper strap

To: Pete Smith <>
Subject: Re: [Amps] teeny copper strap
From: Vic K2VCO <>
Date: Wed, 07 Jun 2006 08:31:27 -0700
List-post: <>
Pete Smith wrote:
> Before I mail order some copper flashing or go to one of the
> lightning protection outfits for far more than I'll need, is there
> any non-radio source of appropriate stuff for grounding my SB-220
> grids?  I think that stained glass makers use copper foil strips, but
> assume that is probably too thin for what I need.

I bought some small quantities of copper (they also have brass) sheet at 
a hobby shop.  I use this a lot for model train projects!  They have 
different thicknesses.  I would suggest using some that's thicker than 
foil and thinner than flashing.
Vic, K2VCO
Fresno CA
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