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Re: [Amps] Fraudulent Amp seller

Subject: Re: [Amps] Fraudulent Amp seller
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2006 09:43:29 EDT
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In a message dated 6/8/2006 9:17:14 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 

I  recently had a Icom 756 PROII for Auction on EBay.
About 24 hours from it  ending, I got emails from current and past bidders 
that someone was trying  to sell them a PROII at a much lesser price then 
what they bid.
I  contact EBay, and they told me that this type of activity was on the  
increase lately, and they were taking steps to stop this.
They  suggested I end the auction, start it again with the feature of hiding 
the  bidders email address's.
I did end it, but sold it on and sent a  contribution to that 

I figured if I relisted my auction,  it would look questionable to bidders 
and I would not get a good price for  my PROII.
This will be the last time I use

Keith,  K4KAL

Hi All, I am pretty certain that the follwing actions take place on  e-bay.  
A guy lists a radio (any radio) he puts a crazy high reserve on the  item.  
The auction ends, the reserve is not met, but if the highest bid  suits him, he 
contacts the high bidder (off e-bay) and offers to take his  bid.  E-bay is 
out of their share of the sale and he only pays a listing  fee.
Also, Many list gear on e-bay and on swap boards and in local newspapers  all 
at the same time.  If the item sells locally he ends the auction.   No sale 
on e-bay.  Problem with this is bidders tend to not buy gear for  sale 
elsewhere until they see if they win an e-bay auction WHICH may end early  and 
he has 
wasted his time bidding.
I was once a high bidder on an amp on e-bay, my bid turned out to be a  
really fair price, I don't think the seller liked the $$ amount at the  end.  
told me he was a Viet Nam vet and was shot in the leg, as a result  he dropped 
the amp coming down the stairway and it smashed to pieces.  
I was told that even if an auction goes through to the end there is no  
obligation for the seller to let the item go.  It's bad business for sure,  but 
authorities will be knocking on his door.
73 Louie

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