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Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2006 05:28:18 -0400
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Scotch # 27 Fiberglass electrical tape.  It is a special high temp high
dielectric strength tape.  After wrapping a toroid core with it I also give
it a couple of coats of GC Electronics Polystyrene "Q-Dope" (polystyrene
synthetic resin).  Both are available from  Mouser only
lists the 1/2" tape.  I prefer the 3/4" wide for those really BIG toroids.

Mike, W1NR

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I've often read "wind the toroid core with fiberglas tape..."  What the heck
is fiberglas tape?  

There is fiberglass tape for patching drywall, and for covering seams when
building a boat, and other stuff that I can find at my local hardware
places.  But none of this tape seems appropriate for winding around a toroid
before the turns of copper go on.

What is the right stuff, and where does one get it?


George T. Daughters, K6GT

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