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Subject: Re[2]: [Amps] glass tape  scotch 27
From: "Will Matney" <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 11:25:25 -0400
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I thought I'd seen that used before on some small toroids on a homebrew project 
on the net. I can see it would work plus be a benefit on a small toroid in that 
it don't fill up the window so you have room for the wire. It's also very 
flexable so it will fit good and not bulge out like thick tape would. What I 
was saying about heat was if a toroid was to get hot enough to melt that 
filament tape I mentioned, I'd about bet it was going into saturation. That 
would distort the hell out of the signal too I'd imagine whether it's powdered 
iron or ferrite. I also imagine that's why they use Kapton tape a lot because 
it don't have to be capable of holding back the heat of the sun ;-) I wouldn't 
mind hearing Bytemarks explanation for why the use the expensive fiberglass 
cloth tape. I'd about bet it was to qualify a part for government use so they 
use it on a several now.



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>On 6/14/06 at 4:37 PM Peter Chadwick wrote:
>Will asked:
>> Again, what's the use in using a tape that I would think could be
>replaced with something much cheaper for us poor folks<
>If you're building a one off (as so many hams do), you probably don't
>worry too much about scraping around for a roll of tape if finding
>something cheaper will take too long and may not do the job. It may even
>be the case that there's some 'surplus' at work! In business, it's another
>matter, and at a company where we used dust iron toroids in tank circuits
>at 100 watts with 6146Bs, we wrapped the cores in PTFE (sorry - Teflon)
>plumber's tape, which is about 0.004 inch thick, but cheap. I suspect
>Teflon tape would do instead of the Scotch fibreglass stuff, assuming you
>can get it.
>Peter G3RZP

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