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Re: [Amps] glass tape scotch 27

Subject: Re: [Amps] glass tape scotch 27
From: "Will Matney" <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 23:00:46 -0400
List-post: <>

Not a word would have ever been muttered by me if one on here hadn't bragged 
about being rich and retiring in their 30's to get a dig at me. To top that, 
they then said I was being sarcastic, and I guess socially ignorant.


"sarcasm is a sign of social ignorance, i dont think they have a pill for"


"well i tend to use the best i can , i dont quibble over a few bucks , or pinch 
pennys, mabey thats why i retired at 32, why settle for average when u can use 
the best"

All this over me asking one simple question;

"What I'm wondering is why one would need a tape rated at 130 C (266 F)?
The core should not get no where near that hot, maybe just warm to the
touch which would be around 100-110 F (37.7-43.3C)".

Now the admin here swore to stop this kind of stuff, and has said some things 
to a few others plus myself over nothing close to this. However, just like I 
mentioned, not one thing was done about it. I'm definately not ashamed of being 
on the lower end of the middle class, but I sure don't like rich folks rubbing 
their money in my face. If you notice, I never really replied to this until 
now. The thing is, if another tape will work that is cheaper, there's no need 
for anyone, no matter how wealthy or poor they are to pay extra for something 
they don't really need. That was the point I was trying to get across but was 
called names and made to look bad over nothing. The whole post I originally 
wrote had not one sarcastic word in it, just some reasonable questions. Not one 
other member of this list replied the way this one did.



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On 6/16/06 at 11:15 PM George Hall wrote:

>Hi Will,
>A few years ago I wrote an article that appeared in the Winter 2004
>issue of CQ VHF Magazine about modifying an ETO Alpha 374 to a 6m mono
>band linear amplifier.  In that article I specified using Scotch 27
>which is a superior performing tape for the application it was designed
>There are many fellow amps subscribers to this list that when the call
>for help in locating a specific part or material is needed, all you have
>to do is make the request known and perhaps you'll be amazed by the
>offers for help and even the item(s) you're looking for.  No need to
>mention disparaging remarks about being poor or other such negative
>Have a nice weekend.
>73, George N2CG
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>Sent: Wednesday, June 14, 2006 12:37 PM
>Subject: Re: [Amps] glass tape scotch 27
>I'm not being sarcastic, but simply asking a question. Again, what's the
>use in using a tape that I would think could be replaced with something
>much cheaper for us poor folks. Not everyone in the US has a brief case
>stacked full of Ben Franklins to apply to a project. This question was
>directed at everyone that responded that they were using it, not just a
>single person. Sarcasm, social ignorance? The very thing the Admin just
>posted about I do think, and I'll about bet not one word will be said
>about it.........
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>On 6/14/06 at 6:08 AM tim jenkins wrote:
>>sarcasm is a sign of social ignorance, i dont think they have a pill
>>> From: "Will Matney" <>
>>> Date: 2006/06/13 Tue PM 02:31:22 EDT
>>> To:
>>> Subject: Re: [Amps] glass tape  scotch 27
>>> What I'm wondering is why one would need a tape rated at 130 C (266
>>The core should not get no where near that hot, maybe just warm to the
>>touch which would be around 100-110 F (37.7-43.3C). Ferrite supposed to
>>non-conductive which would only leave sharp corners which can be
>>easily with a piece of emory cloth if they have them. You can also
>place a
>>wood dowell through the center of the toroid and use a wire brush wheel
>>a grinder to remove them very quickly from the O.D.. I generally just
>>a piece of emory cloth on the bench and smooth them that way. It don't
>>take too long to do it. I've seen many cores, both iron powder (which
>>has a painted coating), and ferrite without tape that has lasted for
>>years. I wouldn't doubt that regular tape like the filament tape I
>>mentioned would work just fine. Matter of fact, I know a company that
>>that tape to install the RF power meter in an amp which was mounted
>>the tubes were close, and heat actually mel
>>>  ted the meter back when the fan quit. The tape was still ok. I cant
>>one vibrating enough to cause this either. If it does, something like
>>blower or fan is way out of balance, and ought to be replaced. The
>>varnishes on magnet wire is pretty tough, especially if it has Teflon
>>insulation like Teflon hook up wire. On toroids, you need all the space
>>you can get to hold the wire if it will be a good amount, so a thin
>>ought to be used if possible like Kapton. That is if any need be used
>>all like a good amount which does not. On input tune cores, tape means
>>lot of space where they are small. On output tank coil toroids for 80
>>160 meters, I've seen both taped and non-taped used. I just can't see
>>where this expensive tape would be needed here for this purpose.
>>> Best,
>>> Will
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>>> On 6/13/06 at 7:14 AM tim jenkins wrote:
>>> >scotch 27 is high temp with thermosetting pressure-sensitive
>>> >operates at class b 130 deg C ( 266 deg F) temp.  tim kv4bk
>>> >scotch 27 glass cloth electrical tape
>>> >
>>> >kv4bk @ amps4u
>>> >
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