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[Amps] mic. diagrams

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Subject: [Amps] mic. diagrams
From: "carl s." <>
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2006 16:49:07 -0400
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    this may or may not be off topic, but considering that ALL
communications start with either voice or a key (cw) or whatever,
   I'm trying to find info on the complete diagrams for Icoms and Yaesu, ETC
   Which includes the Preamps in the mics.!!!
     I've found many sites , but naerly all are aimed at only the mic.
connector as it concerns the connections for ( UGH ) cb radios.!!! I need
the diagrams for the
  Preamps in the mics. because I have one here which I think is bad.!! (the
preamp That is)
    I'm looking for especially the Icom SM-6 mic, but If I had them all I'd
be in 7th heaven.!!!
      carl / kz5ca   Please answer off list , In case the ( moderator isn't
happy with my msg.)
    Or am I too late with that request !!!!!!
     carl / kz5ca

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