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[Amps] Dual 4-1000A cooling question...

Subject: [Amps] Dual 4-1000A cooling question...
From: Ken <>
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 10:16:21 -0700
List-post: <>
I recently refurbished a dual 4-1000A RF deck. It came with a WW Grainger 
blower # 4C445.
The blower is rated at 495CFM @0.0sp and 265CFM @.8"sp. The blower motor 
runs extremely hot.
An infrared thermometer reads 190 deg. F on the motor after about 30 
minutes, and tops off at that. I haven't
found any temperature rise specs. for these shaded pole motors, but that 
sounds excessive to me. Off the amp, with no
back pressure, temp. is only 145 deg. F. The two SK-510 sockets provide 
little area for a blower this size.
I have tried to make an adjustable vent, to relieve some of the back 
pressure, but with little temperature change, and I would
rather not save the blower to lose the two 4-1000A's. Looking through 
Grainger's catalog, and looking at
other amp blower usage, I have found their # 4C443, 70CFM @0.0"sp, 45CFM@ 
.5"sp. Do you think this would be
acceptable? I am only driving these 4-1000A's to 1,500w output.

Thanks for your input,

ken, wa4mnt

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