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Re: [Amps] HLA-150? Nevermind.

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Subject: Re: [Amps] HLA-150? Nevermind.
From: Steve Katz <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 14:18:48 -0700
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Along the same line, different amp:

Tom, have you tested any of the Mirage VHF amps?

I have a few which don't seem to do well.  Never tried to specifically
measure IMD, but they're not anything close to linear once operated at maybe
50% of rated output power.  1 dB compression occurs at maybe just over 50%
rated output, and at 100% rated output they're in heavy compression (CW
signal, 14Vdc power).  Not just one, but a few different models....


Steve WB2WIK/6

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> Well, Tom (and the others), let it not be said I don't 
> admit
> when I'm wrong. I joined this list to learn. Today I 
> have....
> The site has been pulled.


Why not send the amp down here?

I'll run some spectrum tests on it and we'll see how it is 
and ship it back UPS within two days. It just can't be 
between July 12th through 18th because we are committed to 
do FS measurements on an antenna system.

That'll sort all this stuff out and prove if the amp is 
clean or isn't.

I can't afford to buy amps on a lark, but I don't mind 
spending a half hour testing one.

Then your page will have some nice hard data on it, based on 
the sample of one amp.

Of course you can expect me to use the data also, but you 
can have it for your use as you see fit.

73 Tom 

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