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Re: [Amps] IM distortion and such

To: "Joe Subich, W4TV" <>
Subject: Re: [Amps] IM distortion and such
From: R L Measures <>
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2006 03:54:40 -0700
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On Jun 29, 2006, at 8:35 PM, Joe Subich, W4TV wrote:

> Gary writes:
>> That is exactly Rich's point. The degree of loading has no
>> effect on VHF energy.
> Gary, you make the same mistake Rich does ... the voltage is
> not necessarily due to parasitic oscillation at VHF frequencies.

Not a sound wager.

> An unloaded tank can generate voltages several times that of the
> applied (plate supply) voltage depending on the Q and impedance
> transformation.

Can an unloaded tank reach potentials higher than the breakdown  
voltage of its Tune C?

> Since the tube is not operated in class A,
> harmonics will be generated and, particularly at 10 meters,
> some of those harmonics will certainly extend to VHF (3 x 28
> = 84, 5 x 28 = 140).  Again, that is expected behavior.

   grasping straws?
> What is important is that the tank be properly loaded,

The problem in this case is that a HF/MF low-pass Pi-network tank  
rejects VHF, so a VHF signal is not loaded -- i. e., it is rejected  
by the low pass design.

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