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The last info I could find on Taylor was for 1958. I have several of their old 
bottles as well as some H&K. 

It appears that Cetron bought out RCA's 811A line but I dont know the year. 
They produced the JAN 811A for the military.

The old Hytron plant in Lowell, MA is vacant and rather dillapidated but there 
is now talk of converting the property to campus housing for UMASS Lowell.

BTW Peter, I ran across an old business card of yours while rummaging thru a 
desk draw recently. Must have come from a Dayton visit some time in the 80's or 

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  > but Taylor was on the way out and 
  Cetron took over.<

  The original Taylor seemed to disappear shortly after WW2 - or at least, they 
didn't seem to advertise. Yet prior to WW2, they were considered quite a good 
supplier of transmitting tubes. Are Cetron still around? Or have they gone, 
like Hytron, GE, RCA, H&K, Sylvania, Penta, and so on?

  Peter G3RZP

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