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[Amps] Weighing In On Solder Water Wash Flux

Subject: [Amps] Weighing In On Solder Water Wash Flux
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 09:53:07 -0400 (EDT)
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Perhaps I became too boisterous about water-wash flux, but let's face it, not 
too many of us are passionate about good soldering. I do a lot of it, and I 
have found the water-wash flux to give the best results. I use it on 
everything (see warning below). I am obviosly passionate about it ! It has 
a HUGE advantage in allowing the user to apply minimum temperature and dwell, 
because it does a beautiful job removing dirt and oxide. For example, if you 
solder outside in the winter like I do, you will do beautifully well with a 45 
watt pencil in 0 deg F weather, whereas you might be inclined to take a propane 
torch. The water wash flux will make that much difference. 

You do need to wash, or wipe with a wet cloth; otherwise, corrosion will start 
(like on car battery terminals). As long as you wash, there is no issue. I 
wash whole boards at home under running water. I did this with W9RE's, 
W0NCL's and my IC-781 boards. Just blow dry them off. 

Water-wash flux is aggressive, hence the need to wash. I would advise against 
water-wash flux on objects that could trap flux. For example, I would not 
water-wash flux RG8 braid going into a PL259 (I never solder braid on PL259s; 
never had a problem). I do however, water-wash flux the center terminal. 

I guarantee that using the water-wash flux will make a tremendous difference in 
your soldering results. 


Steve, K0SF
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