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Re: [Amps] AL-811H conversion ?

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Subject: Re: [Amps] AL-811H conversion ?
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Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007 10:45:53 +0800
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Why not inexpensive  GI-7B?only needs  add a 6V filament transformer.
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> Subject: Re: [Amps] AL-811H conversion ?
>>>I have the opportunity to aquire an Ameritron AL-811H that 
>>>needs a new
>>> transformer for the HVPS.
>>> I could get a replacement xformer but before I do that, 
>>> I'm wondering if
>>> I could use it as a basis to something else with.  What 
>>> I'd *really*
>>> like to do is make it into a 6m amp but as I understand it 
>>> the 811 tubes
>>> don't work well up to 6m. Could I change the amp to run a 
>>> single 3-500z
>>> or is the power supply not big enough ?
>> Hugh,
>> Having spent many hours looking at 881's and such, I'm going 
>> to disagree with some responses.
>> The 811A is a terrible tube, as is the 572B, on six meters. 
>> They are unstable enough on 30MHz, let alone six.
>> Now I'm not saying through some luck and twiddling you can't 
>> make one work. On a bet with Denny Had of Dentron I made 
>> four 6LQ6 sweep tubes work on six meters, but it isn't a 
>> GOOD design and it was not as stable or reliable in 
>> production as it should have been. It was unreliable in 
>> production and field use.
>> The problem with the 811 and 572 is the long skinny grid 
>> wire that comes down to one pin. This causes isolation 
>> between the filament and anode to be poor. This is why 
>> Heathkit, Gonset, and Ameritron neutralize the 811A's, and 
>> why the 811A Collins that does NOT neutralize has all sorts 
>> of stability issues on 15 and 10.
>> The same is true for 572B's, two tubes are about the limit 
>> in stability before you have to neutralize.
>> Of course you can add intentional loss to gobble up power 
>> and avoid neutralizing but it's probably better, if 
>> possible, to neutralize.
>> My advice is unless you are used to twiddling and cutting 
>> and trying, to just use a stable tube.
>> You might consider a swap to a 4CX250B, or even two or three 
>> 4CX250 tubes. They would run OK at 1500 volts and they would 
>> be very stable if you built the amp right. Other VHF tubes 
>> would work also, the higher the usable frequency the more 
>> stable and easier to work with the become.
>> If it was my amp, I'd get a transformer and repair it. I'd 
>> put the correct line fuses in the amp and sell it, or use it 
>> myself. I'd build a new six meter amp out of a tube that is 
>> reliable and good on six, not a tube that tends to oscillate 
>> near 100MHz.
>> 73 Tom 
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