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[Amps] AL-811H conversion ?

Subject: [Amps] AL-811H conversion ?
From: Hugh VA3TO <>
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2007 08:56:55 -0400
List-post: <>
I have the opportunity to aquire an Ameritron AL-811H that needs a new 
transformer for the HVPS.
I could get a replacement xformer but before I do that, I'm wondering if 
I could use it as a basis to something else with.  What I'd *really*  
like to do is make it into a 6m amp but as I understand it the 811 tubes 
don't work well up to 6m. Could I change the amp to run a single 3-500z 
or is the power supply not big enough ?
Has anyone else ever done something different with one of these amps ?  
Should I replace the xformer and leave well enough alone ?

73 de Hugh VA3TO
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