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Re: [Amps] Power outrages (sic)

Subject: Re: [Amps] Power outrages (sic)
From: Patrick <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 02:26:25 +0000
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David J Windisch wrote:
> Fellas, it's a didididit dadadah dadididit dadididit dadidadah dadidadidadah
> dadadididit didididadah
> dadidit didah didididah dit    dadit didididadah dididit dit
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   Just because it is a hobby does not mean you cannot take a 
professional attitude towards it if you desire. Some people enjoy 
pushing themselves and their knowledge to the extreme while others are 
content to just know and do enough to get by. We need both. The extreme 
people to push the boundaries and limits of the hobby and the "content 
with the status quo" to keep it interesting to everyone else who does 
not care.

   I do not have enough time to do lots of experimenting and building 
but I do enjoy reading and expanding my knowledge from everyone on this 
list. I have learned a lot of things from the "power generators" thread, 
let alone all of the other things that get posted and discussed. Even 
some of the theory that goes a little over my head helps to remind me 
that I do not know everything. :-)   But I am glad there are those in 
this hobby that take the area of their expertise seriously and even 
better, let us neophytes glean a bit of knowledge from them instead of 
us trying to "reinvent the wheel" every time. If sometimes the 
discussion gets heated or a little "dry" with theory and "what ifs", I 
am glad and thankful that these guys still take the time to share their 
knowledge and experience with the rest of us for free.

Patrick Riggins KA4ZNU

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