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The 717A was a popular tube for perking up the RF stage of boatanchor 
receivers as it had the same pinout of the popular RF tubes of the day. It 
made my old HQ-129X come alive on 10/15M back in the late 50's.


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> Back in the late 60's, there was an article in 73 magazine about ARC and 
> the Command series. I remember they said that the 12A6 was developed for 
> it. I've a feeling that they started with the receivers - the BC453  LF 
> set first, if I recall correctly, because it was originally used  by the 
> airlines for flying the old 'radio range' system.
> One slightly interesting point was that the VHF ARC5 used 717A doorknob 
> tubes on octal bases, rather than 954/955/956 acorns, while the IF used 
> 6SH7 rather than vari mu 6SG7, even though AGC was applied. I suspect the 
> SCR522 receiver, the BC624, was rather better.
> 73
> Peter G3RZP
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