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[Amps] Alpin 100/GU74b contest performance?

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Subject: [Amps] Alpin 100/GU74b contest performance?
From: "Dick" <>
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2007 22:29:56 +0200
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I am rather unfamiliar with tube-based amplifiers, so therefore some questions:

Wonder if anyone has some in field experience in using the Alpin 100 amplifier 
in a CW contest, like CQWW.
How about cooling and advised maximum output power during an CW contest? (to 
keep it simpel: key down ... Watt?) 

Alpin itself claims an maximum output of 1100Watt, but that's with their for 
this amplifier choosen tubes.
I saw reports of people changing the original tube for a GU74b somewhere from 
the shelf, which delivered 200Watt less...
(around 900Watt or so)

So, I guess the original tube will alter, and so the maximum power will slowly 
drop too.
How about long will the GU74b capable of delivering the high 


Dick, pa4vhf
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