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[Amps] It's working! Was( Tokyo HL-1.5KFX Yaesu pinout)

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Subject: [Amps] It's working! Was( Tokyo HL-1.5KFX Yaesu pinout)
From: "Roger" <>
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2007 00:35:57 -0400
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I have it working!

Thanks to Joe (W4TV) for the help. I'd have never found menu #20 had he not 
said it had to be set to "LIN". I was quite familiar with the menues but 
didn't recall one that said CAT/LIN/TUN. On closer inspection I didn't have 
a menu 20. I figured that it was probably something simple and turns out it 
was, but not exactly apparent.  An e-mail from Yaesu Tech Support said to go 
to menu #1 and turn it ON. Menu #1 is "Extended Menues". Turning it on found 
menu 20 visible and the default was CAT. Changing that to LIN and the auto 
band switching now works. Now I can change the "-" in the menu # (for menu 
20) to a "." and when Menu #1 is off Menu #20 will still be visible.

First for any one interested the pinout on the Yaesu 5-pin DIN connector on 
the back of the HL-1.5HFX  is as follows:

When looking at the 5 pin socket on the amp starting to the left of the gap 
in the pins:  NOTE the "gap is up" on the amp!
 DATA, A,  B, C, and D  are sequential, with A being the upper left pin and 
going counter clockwise around the socket. The last pin (upper right) would 
be transmit  inhibit. which ties to pin 3 and 8 in the 8-pin mini DIN 
connector on the 897D

 In the data cable there are no connections to pin 1 (+13V) and 2 (Amp 
You do have to connect pin 2 of the mini-DIN and ground to a short cable 
with a RCA plug for keying the amp. Pin 1 is not used.

I found two 10' Apple printer cables and a 5 foot APC cable on Amazon for a 
total of $7.72.  These have wires to all 8 pins and they are color coded IF 
you start with black = 1 instead of 0.. They have the molded computer 
connectors and require shaving/sanding/filing (or what ever) to remove the 
corners so the plugs fit into the openings on the back of the 897D. Sanding 
an all they still make a nice looking cable.

The best price I found on the male, 8-pin mini-DIN connetors was just shy of 
$7.00 and I'd still have had to make the cables.  I cut 2'6" off one of the 
10' cables. I used that to make the auto-band switching and amp keying 
cable. The other piece is now an amp keying cable for my Henry 2K4 just in 
case I need the extra heat in the shop this winter.

> Does any one know what they are using on the data lines?  I'd assume they

They are BCD TTL high/low (thanks again Joe)

> are either pulling them low, or putting out a voltage to them. As the same
> pins are used for cat control I'm going out on a limb and guessing for
> control they ground them hopefully in some logical format.

Menu #20 solved this as the socket is switched between CAT, LIN, and TUN.

Now I can move on to adjusting the antenna which works great on 6-meters as 
well as the very bottom of 40.


Roger (K8RI) 

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