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Subject: [Amps] (no subject)
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Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007 01:28:36 GMT
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Hi Lou, I just missed you on IM this evening. I spent some time on the Drake 
L4B. I removed the OEM power rocker switch and sold it on QTH  almost 
immediately  for $65 shipped. I replaced it with a switch I had and completely 
rewired the unit with the new 110VAC plug and fuse  bringing that voltage into 
the rig.  Fortunately, the RF deck components are dual voltage so I was able to 
make the changeover without too much trouble.  Works FB. On power up, all the 
components come on in the deck including the fan, neons, and the filament/ 
accessory voltages. Simultaneously,  I send 110VAC down on a interconnecting  
power line that activates the remote 115VAC  step start power supply controls. 
The remote power supply has its own 220VAC plug. After rewiring the bias, it 
shouldn't take too long to see if it was worthwhile. Ron  

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