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Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007 05:59:25 -0400
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Ummmmmm . . . . do we all need to know?   'Snot the first time, OM.

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> Hi Lou, I just missed you on IM this evening. I spent some time on the 
> Drake L4B. I removed the OEM power rocker switch and sold it on QTH 
> almost immediately  for $65 shipped. I replaced it with a switch I had and 
> completely rewired the unit with the new 110VAC plug and fuse  bringing 
> that voltage into the rig.  Fortunately, the RF deck components are dual 
> voltage so I was able to make the changeover without too much trouble. 
> Works FB. On power up, all the components come on in the deck including 
> the fan, neons, and the filament/ accessory voltages. Simultaneously,  I 
> send 110VAC down on a interconnecting  power line that activates the 
> remote 115VAC  step start power supply controls. The remote power supply 
> has its own 220VAC plug. After rewiring the bias, it shouldn't take too 
> long to see if it was worthwhile. Ron

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