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Re: [Amps] Amphenol Connectors made in China

Subject: Re: [Amps] Amphenol Connectors made in China
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 16:44:43 EDT
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By the way, all I commented on were made in China. Not USA. 

People started demanding Cheap along time ago -- the world has responded.  
Think this is bad,
have you seen the Korean crap?
I just drove past an industrial complex here in town.  The once filled 
employee parking spaces
are now nearly empty, and the "for lease" signs festoon the empty buildings.
Where -oh- where has the American owned, American staffed quality 
manufacturers gone?
Oh ya - the unions negotiated the workers out of employment, and sent the 
jobs all over
the third world. Also of course, the greedy company owners were more then 
happy to have junk built 
elsewhere, knowing you'd have no choice but to buy it.  After all, thats what 
credit cards are  for.
Well done, my fellow American's!
*No need to start a big drawn out thread on this.  I'm just disgusted with 
the ways things have
gone in my lifetime.  Almost all the music is crap, or oldies.  Now the 
customer is always 
wrong. Companies used to try and take care of existing customers - now they 
just lure in new
ones, and have them sign contracts that lock them in; happy or not.  Quality 
is job None,
and people don't care.  What they do care about is every new Asian made gismo 
they can
covet; themselves; their views, or more exactly their prejudices; their 
fabricated fears
the manufacturing of which IS a thriving American industry.
Combine all the above with a near complete lack of compassion, or even 
consideration for others.
 I don't recall having voted on the changes, but I must have?
We get what we have asked for and apparently deserve.  

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