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[Amps] 60 Hz vs 50hz

Subject: [Amps] 60 Hz vs 50hz
From: "Barry Kirkwood" <>
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2008 04:04:53 +0000
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Once upon a time, before they devoted all there waking hours to
manufacturing dubious financial products, the inhabitants of North America
build real tangible things for people to use.
And the best of these products were coveted by folk all over the world.
In the case of radio equipment, some were bought by barbarous tribal folk
who in their folly and ignorance used electricity that fluctuated at the
rate of 50 cycles per second, more or less.
The equipment from North America was designed to use electricity that
fluctuated at the rate of 60 cycles per second, more or less.
And it came to pass that the barbarians carried the North American equipment
to their into their rude huts and in their folly fed it 50hz.
And lamentation was in their lands, where they could make their way from
village to village guided by the flame and smoke form the burning power
supplies of North American origin.
We know this story is true, for in the annals of amps at contesting dot com
it has been written.
Now a traveller from the land of the barbarians was heard to say:
No worries, mate. The transformers from the lands of the 60 cyclists work
goodoh, for the manufacturers design them with sufficient headroom to cope
with mild over voltage input or high ambient temperatures even on their
native heath, such that  they taketh  50 cycles within their stride.
Then there was wrath, and the ampists cried: It cannot be so, for it is
And the barbarian quoth:
All and sundry know that all barbarians are liars, even as I speak.
And the ampists were wrath: for if he spake that he was a liar, then it
follows that he spoke the truth, but if it was true that he was a liar....
And they rent their garments, and frothed at the mouth.
Barry ZL1DD

Barry Kirkwood PhD ZL1DD
NZ: 021 160 8999
Thailand 081 235 1556
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