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Re: [Amps] XCVR Output vs. Amplifier Input Impedence

To: Wayne Rogers <>,
Subject: Re: [Amps] XCVR Output vs. Amplifier Input Impedence
From: Radio WC6W <>
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2008 14:51:29 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi Wayne,
  That tube runs at just over 100 ohms for all
reasonable operating conditions.

Click on the 4-1000A link at the top of this page:

73 & Happy Building!
  Marv WC6W

--- Wayne Rogers <> wrote:

> This discussion about the output impedence of a
> solid state transceiver has 
> some bearing on my current problem.
> I am beginning to build a 4-1000A G-G linear (I know
> - old technology, but 
> thems the parts I have).  I am trying to figure out
> the best approach for 
> coming up with an input network.  My research to
> date says that the 
> impedance varies snywhere from around 25 to 200
> ohms, frequency dependent, 
> and I would guess is dependent on some of the input
> components (like the 
> bifilar choke on the filaments).
> So how do I approach the design?  I am planning on a
> pi-network with a Q of 
> 3 or so.  The values are easy to calculate if I know
> the tube input 
> impedence, but I don't.  I could design for 100 ohms
> and hope for the best? 
> Also, with a  low Q I'm expecting to have only one
> of the three pi-network 
> components variable, but which one?  What has your
> experience been?  I am 
> building this amp for the low bands - 160 - 40, so I
> won't have to deal with 
> the problem of making a 4-1000 play on ten meters.
> Any input appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
> Wayne N1WR 
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