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[Amps] AL-1200 Problem

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Subject: [Amps] AL-1200 Problem
From: "Donald Knight" <>
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2008 12:01:37 -0400
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Hello Guys,
I was loading my AL-1200 up on 10 meters last night and all at once it made a 
strange noise and the grid current meter went to 0. The amp was still making 
full power out even after this happened. I've checked the zener diodes and they 
are good. Also checked the grid resistors on the meter board and they also 
check good. What I'm seeing now when I turn on the amp is it's pulling idle 
plate current and the grid meter pins negative just sitting there turned on and 
not even keyed up. It shows the correct 40ma in the cw position and 150ma in 
the ssb position but the amp is not even keyed up! Could someone please tell me 
what this might be and where to start checking for the problem? I did pull the 
tube out and turn the amp on and everything shows normal on the meters,correct 
high voltage and no plate current. Grid meter stays on 0.

Thanks,Don Knight
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