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[Amps] Looking to use a high power amp on 1296 in SF CA area

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Subject: [Amps] Looking to use a high power amp on 1296 in SF CA area
From: Pat Barthelow <>
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2008 23:34:13 -0700
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There is a big event at Moffett Field, the NASA Ames base in South SF Bay area. 
 Called Yuri's Night, in honor of Yuri Gagarin, it is a eclectic techno/space 
celebration with a lot of interesting exhibits.  8000 visitors are expected.

Google: "Yuri's Night" for details.

Our group has been invited to do an EME demo, which is do-able if Jamesburg is 
on the other end.  With Jamesburg's huge gain and input power, there is not 
need for a huge antenna system at Moffett field, so we are assembling one, that 
is portable, using  1.296 ghz SSB and CW.  We are using one or both of two 
antennas; One, an 8 yagi array, manually pointed, about 27 dbi gain, and 
another, an 8 ft dish.

We have 100 watts now, but are looking for a high power 1.2ghz amp, to help out 
the weak signal QSOs. 
If anyone on the reflector, wants to participate, and bring along their QRO 1.2 
ghz amp, we would welcome you to our adventure.

Anyone in SF bay area, that wants some QRO EME fun on April 12?

All the best,
Pat Barthelow    (916) 315-9271
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