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Re: [Amps] open frame relay rating

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Subject: Re: [Amps] open frame relay rating
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Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2008 13:34:03 -0400
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Many amps used open frame relays with 10-13A contacts and they worked well 
at 1500W. The one issue with them is high VSWR in the thru position on 10M 
which can fold back the power in a SS rig. The cure is simple, add a 
capacitor from the thru loop to ground to tune out the Xl.

You can use an adjustable mica trimmer and leave it or measure the value and 
replace with a 1KV disc ceramic or 500V mica. Typical values are 25-35 pf. 
Any one will handle 100W with ease.


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Subject: [Amps] open frame relay rating

>I have several open-frame relays.  If I use one for the T/R relay, what 
>should the contact rating be for a 1500w amp?   Is it as simple as 1500w / 
>50 ohms = SQRT of 30A or 5.5 Amps?
> Tnx,
> Steve, KK7UV
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