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Yes, we use foot switches on SSB. This has not been a problem for hot
switching for us. There is a small delay from when PTT is actuated in the
radio and when RF production starts, so we are all OK.

Tim K3LR

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Do you ever use foot-operated PTT ?  I am always a little suspicious that 
the brain gets the voice to start before the foot gets the switch to the 
floor.  When ms count, the 11ms from brain to foot and then foot to floor 
could be a problem for hot switching.


>I have been using single Kilovac HC-1 and Jennings RJ1A relays for input 
> output T/R switching on all of my single 8877 amplifiers for the past 25
> years.
> Even in heavy contest operating, I have had no problems at 1500 watts 
> output
> up through 50 MHz.
> 73!
> Tim K3LR
> >  W4HBM

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