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Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 18:57:00 +0900
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Hi all,

I am also using HC1s and RJ1As for a line-in relay of my amp.
I am not using it for full break-in but it is working so reliable,
without any trouble for many years.

a few points:

1. Whatever relay you use make a sequence for coils of line-in
   or antenna-relays are being switched as fast as your transceivers
   (exciters or drivers) are turned to transmit; and then release a block
   bias of your amp.
   Before employing vacuum relays I have used a small coaxial relay
   for many years with no failure, excluding a melt-down of  its center-
   pin of N-connector because of an old and loosen male connector.

2. Check specs of relays. Many vacuum relays are specified for
   switching of a continuous (DC/RF) current. RJ1A is seemingly small in
  its spec at high-frequency, but it is enough sustainable with a sequence
  above. To achieve this I am using a 100-200 ms delay relay inside my amp.

3. If you require a full break-in and a reliability you should observe
   their switching capabilities of continuous current at the frequency.

Please note that my point of view is a home brewer of  linear amps.

de Han JE1BMJ

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> Hi group!
> I use RJ1A in my home made PA with GU-84B with 2+ KW out and I don't
> have had any fault since I start to use this amp more then one year ago.
> I don't use full QSK but only semi bk-in. I think The Tetrode Boards by
> GM3SEK is help a lot against relay fault.
> BTW you can see my article with lot of photos about my amp on my web
> page. It's in Russian, but one of the web translator will help.
> Regards, Mike RL3BM
> See you in Dayton!
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