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To: "John E. Cleeve" <>
Subject: Re: [Amps] Titan fan
From: Joe Giacobello <>
Date: Sun, 07 Sep 2008 16:52:30 -0400
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John and others, I went through an extensive search for  replacement 
blower motors, though not the blower itself, a year or two ago.  I also 
have a copy of the original drawings and specifications for the 425 
blower motor.  I had personally informed John Maples before he retired 
that I was almost certain that the older Alpha blower motors would be 
direct replacements for the original 425 motors.

The bottom line is that the motors used in the Alpha 86 and probably 
other early Alphas appear to be identical to the motors that were used 
in the 425s.  However, when I recently ordered a replacement fan motor 
from Alpha, the motor that I received was less powerful than the ones 
currently in my 425s and the Alpha 86 motor that I had obtained 
independently.  It will, however, fit the existing mounts, etc. in the 
425.  I have pasted below my response to another seeker of fan 
replacement info for the 425.  I believe it summarizes what you want to 

/First, I have not tried actually replacing the Titan blower motor with 
an Alpha motor. I was sent an original Alpha 86 motor from an owner who 
had an extra. The motor appears to be identical to the ones in my Titans 
and, if my memory serves, the manufacturer was the same as that in the 
Titan. The specs are identical to the specs on a drawing that TT 
provided us last year. So I am 99% confident that this original Alpha 86 
motor will fit and work in the Titan.

I ordered another motor directly from Alpha. They had a hard time 
getting them from their supplier. Eventually, it arrived and it is 
different from the one from the Alpha 86 above. It is 17W vs 23W and the 
thickness of the lamination stack is smaller (which I guess accounts for 
its lower power rating). However, the mounting dimensions and stack 
width and height are identical to the Alpha 86 motor, and most probably 
will work in the Titan. However, since my invoice and a label on the 
motor said "Alpha 76," I called Alpha and asked them if they had 
supplied an Alpha 86 motor would I have received the same motor as an 
Alpha 76. The answer was "yes." I had been told by others that Alpha 
used the same blower for the 76 through the 86. My guess is that Alpha 
can't get the original types anymore and is now supplying the type that 
I received.

/73, Joe

John E. Cleeve wrote:
> Perhaps if someone can provide the technical/physical specification of the
> original Titan OEM fan, an available, perhaps better, replacement could be
> found from the currently advertised fans, although an "adaptor" plate may
> have to be made, to match the fan/Titan fixings. Best of luck, John Cleeve.
> G3JVC.
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> I used to own a Titan, great amp.
> I asked John Maples (retired now I think)the amp tech about fans. He said
> they were totally unavailable. The fan company was out of business and they
> knew of no substitutes.
> No one ever came up with a solution for me.
> Anyone know anyting else?
> 73,
> Gerry 
> K1NY
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