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Re: [Amps] Peter Dahl XFMR question (I Have one!)

Subject: Re: [Amps] Peter Dahl XFMR question (I Have one!)
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2009 09:13:28 -0500
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In commercial service, the 5KV tap would work for a single 4CX1500B.
(and running 208vac the 6kv tap might be used )


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My Goodness!  I just picked up a new old stock Peter Dahl XFMR.  Based on
what I know, it probably was built around 2002-or 3.    It is tapped to
supply 3KV, 4KV, 5KV and 6KV at .9 amps.  The input side give one a choice
of either 220 or 240V.  It came from a fellow ham.  What in gods green acre
would one want something this size for??  And what would a replacement from
them cost today for curiousity sake.  Van, K7VS

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