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The best shield is none if it works without it.

Other than that, the real IERC shield reduces heat and all others are heat 
retainers no matter what the color.

There was a detailed study published on the subject, maybe in ER or on a 
Collins forum as it related to a R-390 I believe.

Perhaps the best heat reducer is a bucking xfmr in the AC line to bring the 
input down to 110-113V. A small 12V @ 2A xfmr is good for ~240W so its 
loafing in any boatanchor receiver.


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That's great Don.....that's a great amp.
I bought a 3K-A new from Henry in Los Angeles in early 78' and everything
was fine till 80' when the power supply went to ground.
I went over to the factory to inquire about a replacement......they said it
was out of warrantee.
I asked who was the original mfgr and was told that their transformers were
made in the LA area somewhere in or near Orange County and that in his (the
tech I was speaking with) opinion, this transformer mfgr wasn't very good
and Henry was using them only because of the cost of the cheap.
The mfgr had an Indian name....not American Indian.
So....I bought the choke from Dahl and installed it.
Haven't seen it since.


Dave Harmon
Sperry, Ok.

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As it turns out, A1 Motor Rewinding in Park Hills, Ky. (859-291-1351) was
able to sucessfully repair the existing xformer. Diagnosis was part of the
secondary winding arcing to the core near the rear upper left corner.

They were able to add some insulation, and then dip and bake the unit.
The bill was $200 total, and the staff there was very receptive to my

A fellow named Nick who is a ham (WB4BB) is on staff, and I feel that he
took personal interest in the repair due to our ham radio connection.

I would certainly recommend them for any such issue. Bill is another
contact, and although not a ham, was very helpful.
Bill did say that while transformers are not their "bread and butter", they
have repaired and also rewound quite a few of them successfully.


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