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Re: [Amps] What's the story on these companies?

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Subject: Re: [Amps] What's the story on these companies?
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I had a customer who was with HCJB Shortwave in Equator. If I remember
right, they had a transmitter manufacturing business as a result of them
building their own transmitters. I seem to remember that the facility was in
South Bend Indiana. I think they also built those amplifiers.

There is information on one of the boards somewhere. It might be worth doing
a google search using "transmitter shortwave" and HCJB. You may swerve into
something. Maybe the other guys can remember better than me or correct me,
but I think there is a connection there.


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On 5/9/2010 10:36 PM, Patrick wrote:
> Guys,
> what's the story on the companies that made the following amps?
> Metron
> who owned 'em? and why'd they go under?
They apparently were not widely known, successful, or poor advertisers.  
Although I have to say the name "Metron" sorta sounds familiar, I never 
heard of them.

So far what little I've found Transworld built the amp back in the early 
70's. The only comments I've 
found were all positive. The amp looks like a typical VHF,UHF solid 
state design, except it was meant for 160 through 10 meters. Suggested 
retail was $600  which would make  it between $1200 and $1800 in today's 

There's a write up about it and Transworld in the amplifiers section of
which isn't quite so glowing.

Google is your friend... but you did get my curiosity up.


Roger (K8RI)
> thanks,
> -Chuck K8CPA
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