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[Amps] 2 meters GS-31B...

Subject: [Amps] 2 meters GS-31B...
From: Robert Briggs <>
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2011 11:33:30 +1100
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Hi all, I am currently constructing a 2 meter EME amplifier for a local 
ham...The request is for an amplifier that will run 400 watts 1 minute 
data streams...I chose the GS-31B triode rather than use a pair of GI-7B 
so that there is plenty of reserve dissipation from the tube...

I am using a toroidal HT transformer with multiple taps from 725 volts 
to 1125 volts giving me a good choice of HT voltages after doubling...As 
the load will only be around 350ma or so at 400 watts output I am 
wondering what HT should I apply to the tube between 2500 and 2900 vdc 
to have a happy medium? The amplifier may be occasionally be used on SSB...


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