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[Amps] A Means of Measuring Tank Coil Inductance

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Subject: [Amps] A Means of Measuring Tank Coil Inductance
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Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2011 10:12:39 -0600
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To All:


I have built amplifier's where I calculated the specific needs for
inductance for the tank circuit.  I then tried several ways to measure what
was then used in the tank coil, simply to verify the results.  I had two
digital meters for measuring LCR components, but the ability to measure
inductance was poor at best, when you looked at a few uH.  I then found a
General Radio 1656 Inductance Bridge and bought it, and quickly discovered
trying to use it at the very limits of its rated inductance range ( 1 uH )
was something that produced less than repeatable results.  I had no
confidence in it.


Every couple of months I would search ebay in their used test equipment
area, just to see what else was on the market.  By accident, I then found a
circuit on-line where a fellow used a couple of IC's and a higher measuring
frequency, and then "measured" the inductance  using a frequency counter.
It really looked better than what I had, since it was supposed to measure
down to .1 uH.  I was making plans to build it, however,  I then stumbled
across an add on ebay, for a small unit, possibly similar to the circuit I
found by Googling, but it was more advanced and provide a direct read-out in
uH and Pf.


I ordered it and also ordered a bunch of 5% axial lead inductors in the .82
uH to 22 Uh range.  Today this little device arrived from Hong Kong.  I
quickly plugged it in and pulled out the 5 bags of 5% inductors.  It took
about 3-5 minutes to find the proper way of zeroing it out on inductance.  I
then measured each of the 5% inductors.  All five inductors measured within
5% or less of their correct value.  At the moment, I am pleasantly


For me this is a real positive step, simply because I enjoy building so much
and I also like to know what the actual component value is, via an actual
measurement.  At this moment I think I can now measure inductance down to
less than 1 uH with reasonable accuracy.  


The unit was $39.98 total price with shipping, and took 2 weeks exactly to
arrive.  The component quality and construction appear to be very good.
Lots of people seem to be selling this same unit on ebay, here is a link to
the source I got mine from, if you have a need or interest:


I hope this helps a few of you,


Chuck  W9POU



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