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Re: [Amps] T/R delay mod for AL-811?

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Subject: Re: [Amps] T/R delay mod for AL-811?
From: "Steve Katz" <>
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2011 10:36:41 -0800
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Why not just adjust your transceiver for longer VOX hang time

No need to do this in the amplifier.



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Subject: [Amps] T/R delay mod for AL-811?

Hello all,

I'm looking for a way to adjust the T/R delay of my AL-811 and wondering
if anyone knows of an online source of far, I haven't been
to turn one up.

Specifically, I'm looking for a way to delay the transition from
back to receive during CW in order to minimize wear & tear on the relay.
Even at 25 wpm, the relay transitions back to receive mode after every
letter of my callsign. I'd like something less QSK-ish, for example to
just stay in the transmit position for the length od a word (or
rather than changing over after each letter is sent.

Thanks and 73,

John Harper AE5X

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