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Subject: Re: [Amps] Old cabinets for amp projects-TENTEC
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Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 13:59:44 -0500
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Ten tec makes enclosures. Enclosed communications racks are available thru
TESSCO. Just about any size box with doors anyway. You would have to
configure inside. Could make it like the old 30k and use standard racks and
have cross shelves depending on size of amp being built. Motorola had some
of the shorter enclosures for the "Quantro /Quantar series of station. I
think Surplus sales has these and may have lots of other goodies that could
work. Fair radio sales or Toronto Surplus may also have some.


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sad shape of US manufacturing, specially the literally 1,000 of small shops

when I moved to Portland Oregon in the late 70's I could go where I live
now and one some streets you would see one shop after another all busy.

In 81 or 82 i needed a cabinet for a project and the hard part was deciding
which shop to have it made not finding one. The one I found make a cabinet
just as good as any commercial unit vents and all. Unpainted was the grand
total of $40, they even arranged to have another shop paint it, since I
a color they used  and let them keep it until they used that color, it was
So a total of $50 in 1980 dollars for a single cabinet.


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> For example:
>> Johnson Viking I/II
>> Collins 75A/2/3/4
> The sale of some those Collins cabinets could easily fund a newly produced
, custom
> chassis ....
> John K5MO
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