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Subject: [Amps] Six Meter SB-220
From: "Gary Harmon - K5JWK" <>
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2011 08:26:19 -0600
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A local friend asked me to look at his converted amp.  It was working but
then something went amiss and it quit.  He mentioned a flashing in the right
front.  Sure enough, the one watt resistor on the meter board toasted. 

That's an easy fix.  Also, on each plate cap there are two resistors and a
piece of flat stock.  I'm guessing the flat stock replaces the coil of the
standard parasitic resistor.  Anyway, one of the strips is burned through
about 80%.  Is 

anyone familiar with this plate cap configuration?  Are these plate cap
parts available from whoever modified the amp?  Also, when both variable
caps are meshed, one reads zero and one reads 10.  Is this normal?


Thanks in advance and 734,




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