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Subject: Re: [Amps] bird meters
Date: Thu, 08 Sep 2011 18:00:16 -0500
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tu all, easy way out is to get a couple of 30ua after market meters at
35 us each es put the 100ua back in the draw fer another day hi

Quoting Steve <>:

> I don't think you can hurt the slug by winding up the power until it
> gives 100uA, so DIY testing against another meter is ok.
> If you prise off the sticky label there's a trimpot accessible through a
> hole in the top piece. If it's not quite aligned to get a trimtool at it
> the top comes off easily. I have no idea What range of adjustment that
> will give you, or what it does to the 'law' on the scale.
> On a 100B element here the trimmer is 25k. I was able to adjust it to
> read 250W FSD on a regular 43 thruline. I don't recall how the scale
> accuracy fared at lower power, I wasn't interested.
> Steve
>> I have a couple of BIRD 100ua meters 2150-090 es 091
>> if I use these on my thruline 4522-002-8 50 ohm with 43 slugs wot
>> error will I see?? as these slugs are for 30ua..meters!!
>> or can I recal the slugs es if so "how"
>> tu 73 vk3pa
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