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[Amps] Alpha 9500 update and repair

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Subject: [Amps] Alpha 9500 update and repair
From: "Larry P. Greenberg" <>
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2017 19:31:48 -0500
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I am getting ready to send my early model 9500 in for update and repair.  I 
would like to get an idea of your experiences with Alpha factory service and 
also Brad’s service, K0HM.  Which is better, turnaround time, price and, in 
general how satisfied were you with the updates and repairs.  Feel free to 
answer privately but also feel free to answer publically as I am sure others 
would be interested.  I am getting the impression from the list that Alpha have 
made improvements recently.  My 9500 continuously hunts for resonance and the 
idling plate current is high.  Also, the serial port doesn’t work but the USB 
port works.  

Larry, WA9MAG
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