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Re: [Amps] Alpha 9500 update and repair

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Subject: Re: [Amps] Alpha 9500 update and repair
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Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2017 02:37:13 +0000
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After 3 failures in S.E.Asia usage, with warrantee parts free from factory and 
local repair by experienced tech, I gave up.  I recommend using the 9500 only 
in environments.... dry, very steady line voltage, room temp constant, etc.  
9500 is not for potentially difficult locations or environments.

Anywhere, get your 9500 back to factory "every three years" just like the head 
tech at factory said, no kidding.

GL, 73, Charly
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Subject: [Amps] Alpha 9500 update and repair

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Subject: Re: [Amps] Alpha 9500 update and repair

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Subject: Re: [Amps] Alpha 9500 update and repair

<The only Alpha I own is a 76PA which I rebuilt from a Carribean contest
station pile of parts over 20 years ago with bad transformer, tubes, filter
caps, and bandswitch. It has been perfect ever since with 3 8874 pulls that
easily does 1800W and I run at 1200W.

Buying a new 9500 or similar is only for those with a lot of disposable
income and poor technical skills. Sort of like owning a BMW: they are fine
while in warranty but be prepared for sticker shock after that.

I drive a new leased Ford every 2-3 years. For just running around locally
(up to 100 miles or so) a 92 Taurus is fine as I can fix whatever it needs.


##  BMW = .... Breaks My Wallet.     If the alpha 9500 resides outside the usa,
and its has to be sent back to colorado,  u had better have the original paper 
proving purchase.... otherwise u will be in for a rude awakening..when its 
repaired and.
comes through cdn customs.   With no paper work, they will simply take the 
NEW alpha 9500 price, add 40%  for the usa to cdn exchange rate..then  add  12%
sales tax to the cdn value.  IE:  $ 8700.00 alpha 9500 =   $12,180.00
12% of  $12,180.00  =   $1461.60  Thats on top of the shipping both ways... + 
rate when shipping from usa to canada.  Then add the actual repair bill, again 
in US dollars...
then add  40%   for the exchange rate on the repair bill.   Dunno what the heck 
u do if u live
in darkest africa, or zl or vk land, or the moon.

##  This is why they have broadcast engineers for broadcast tv, fm, am  etc.   
You cant just ship
a 1100 to  5000 lb final pa back to the factory every time..u have a problem.   
You gotta be able to
fix it on site..same with telco gear, mounted in  30 inch wide bays that are 7 
ft tall.   All fixed on site.

##  IMO, processor controlled gear is fine..up to a point.    PITA at times 
though.  They have over complicated
it to the max.   A buddy installed stepir motors for his tune and load 
caps..and  roller.  Also seen it done
with bandswitches.   Then run it all through a simple interface to your 
laptop...and let the cheap PC do the
processing.  One fellow here in town has a commercial HF marconi amp, with 2 x 
3-500Zs  in it.    Motor
driven everything.  BUT it still has turns counters on the front panel + 
bandswitch knob.   So it can be
manually tuned with real knobs.... or software controlled.... externally.   On 
those things, they usually
dont auto tune.. but some do.  Manually tuned on each freq 1st..then entered as 
a ...pre-set into memory.
As long as ant swr doesnt change much... it all works just fine.   RF deck on 
top of HV supply down below.
Huge rear hinge, so the RF decks simply tilts back..for easy access to HV 
supply.  Very well thought out
2-30 mhz design.

##  Buddy at work bought a used BMW.  You dont even want to know how much parts 
for it cost.   He came in
one day with megabuck wheel bearings.  Jaguar is another one, ditto with Porshe.

Jim  VE7RF

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