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[antennaware] Antenna Model collections in .NEC & .EZ format

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Subject: [antennaware] Antenna Model collections in .NEC & .EZ format
From: (L. B. Cebik)
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 1999 06:50:15 -0500 (EST)
There has been a need for exemplary models for both newer and experienced
antenna modelers.  I have gleaned from my accumulation sets of models that
may serve as a foundation for modelers to build upon.  The antenna designs
consist of published or shared work or of original work by the collection
compiler, but include no commercially available antennas.

Each set consists of over 50 models focused around a central antenna
category.  The available sets are these:

--59 HF Yagis
--53 Upper-HF Quads
--52 HF LPDAs
--54 Horizontal Phased/Parasitic Arrays
--52 Lower-HF Horizontal Wire Antennas/Arrays
--56 Lower-HF Vertical Antennas/Arrays
--53 10-Meter Antennas
--58 VHF/UHF Antennas</b>

Each model is represented by a version in .EZ format for use with EZNEC and
by one in .NEC format for use with NEC-Win Plus and other implementations
of NEC-2/NEC-4.  .EZ versions are largely in English units, while 
.NEC versions are metric.  Virtually every model can be effectively scaled
from the frequency of design to a desired frequency, with care to
adjusting the element diameter(s) as well as element lengths.  These
models are not finished products.  The primary intention is to provide
models that allow you to study antenna types and their performance.

The models--as individual sets or as a complete collection--are available 
from AntenneX (  Fuller 
information on each set is available at my site under "modeling aids."

I hope this is useful to some one.



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