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[antennaware] Further on the collections

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Subject: [antennaware] Further on the collections
From: (L. B. Cebik)
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 1999 10:57:48 -0500 (EST)
I have had some questions about the collections of .EZ and .NEC files that
may be more general in interest.

1.  The files are for NEC-2 and other advanced NEC cores.  THey are not
designed for MININEC system.  Numerous of them use the NEC transmission
line (TL) facility, which is not a part of MININEC 3.13.  Some specify the
Sommerfeld-Norton ground system which is also not a part of MININEC.
Hence, it is doubtful whether these files, even with renaming and/or
mofifications would be successfully run on a MININEC system.  Examples of
MININEC 3.13 programs are ELNEC, AO (MN), and NEC4WIN.

2.  I have tested the files on EZNEC and on NEC-Win programs of various
types.  NEC-Win uses a standard .NEC input file, which is an ASCII file
that is readable in any ASCII viewer.  I have not tried the files in
NWires, since the program is no longer marketed.  Should anyone care to
make the test, here is a sample file (originally named B-VERT.NEC, but you
may extract it in ASCII and name it anything).  It has just a bit of
geometric complexity, material losses, and a split feed, but does not test
every possible NEC feature.  At best, it would be an indicator of success
or failure.

CM B-ant.: vertical              
GW 1,15,0.,0.,9.91937,0.,0.,9.17074,.00103
GW 2,25,0.,0.,9.17074,.74863,0.,9.91937,.00103
GW 3,25,.74863,0.,9.91937,0.,0.,10.668,.00103
GW 4,25,0.,0.,10.668,.74863,0.,11.4166,.00103
GW 5,25,.74863,0.,11.4166,0.,0.,12.1652,.00103
GW 6,15,0.,0.,12.1652,0.,0.,11.4166,.00103
GE 1
LD 5,1,0,0,5.7471E+7,1.
LD 5,2,0,0,5.7471E+7,1.
LD 5,3,0,0,5.7471E+7,1.
LD 5,4,0,0,5.7471E+7,1.
LD 5,5,0,0,5.7471E+7,1.
LD 5,6,0,0,5.7471E+7,1.
FR 0,1,0,0,28.5
GN 2,0,0,0,13.,.005
EX 0,3,25,0,.707107,0.
EX 0,4,1,0,.707107,0.
RP 0,181,1,1000,90.,0.,-1.,0.,0.

3.  The files do have a cost attached, since they are sold through
AntenneX and not by me and since they are the product of a decade's work
in modeling antennas.  A number of the files appear in printed file or
model description form at my site in various articles, and these are free
to anyone who wishes to enter the model data into his or her program.  
Small collections  of sample files exist in .EZ format at Ray Anderson's
site and in .NEC format at the Nittany-Scientific site--both linked from
my site in the first antenna modeling items.  I have been a major
contributor to both collections, but they each do not exceed about 3 dozen
files total.  The current collections are considerably larger and more
diverse--however, no collection could ever be comple.

I hope this clears up a number of questions, but I'll be glad to field



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